2020, what a devastating year

For it is the year Lebanon had turned to rubble

USA and Iran got in to trouble over general Soleimani

The United Kingdom officially left the European union

Harry and Megan stepped down from their royal duties

And the Olympics were postponed.

The year that things got out of control

 Covid19 leaked into our homes, a pandemic was declared

And everything was shut down, about 5% of the world dead and the economy down

as people lost money all over town. This was only the beginning.

The year black people no longer breathe freely

Protest and anger filled the world as they watched

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery die

Please remember we are all equal.

The year superheroes Kobe Bryant aka black mamba, Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther left us.

This year’s been rough; it’s been rougher than rough

Tougher than tough and it’s not yet done. You have to admit though, we have all been very strong.

For as they always say…”In God we trust”.